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ICEM was established in 1965 as a result of the entrepreneurial initiative of Mr. Mario and Giulio Marchetti. In the beginning the company concentrated its efforts on the manufacture of Low Tension Cables with Plastic and Rubber insulation. As a result of extensive investigation in the market place it was decided by ICEM in 1970  to concentrate all their considerable expertise in the manufacture of Welding Cable only. Consequently it look ICEM only a relatively short period of time to become the market leader in this product group. As a logical development and extension of Welding Cable Manufacturing in  1991 ICEM developed and started the manufacture of a comprehensive range of Welding Head and Hand Shields, Electrode Holders and Earth Clamps. All these products follow in the ICEM tradition of being produced “in house” under the companies strict quality control systems. The ICEM manufacturing facilities are located in Valcalepio in the North of the Country, surrounded by landscape which is adorned by some of the finest vineyards in Italy. An area of the  more than 8.000sq. metres provides space for the most advanced production machinery in the world with latest “state of the art “ control systems. Finally ICEM  are rightfully proud of their Laboratory and Testing facility which permits constant control of the manufacturing process. This ensure the highest standards of quality are maintained so that at ICEM the needs of you our Customer are continually met.

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