Welding cable H01N2-D / H01N2-E

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The conductor shall be copper, and generally in accordance with class 6 to EN60228.

A separator of suitable material shall be applied around the conductor.

Welding cable H01N2-D and H01N2E consist of a single conductor in sizes from 10mmq. to 240mmq.

The covering shall be applied by extrusion around the conductor and may consist of one or two layers.

Covering in one layer shall be material type EM 5 to EN50363-2-2.

Covering in two layers shall comprise an aouter layer of material type EM 5 to EN50363-2-2 and an inner layer which shall be either of type EM 5 or of material type EI 7 to EN50363-1.  The ratio of the thicknesses of two layers is not specified, but the minimum thickness of the outer layer shall not be less than 0,6mm.

The cable shall be marked with the CENELEC code H01N2-D for cables with normal flexibility or H01N2-E for cables with extra high flexibility. In addition, the cross-sectional area of the conductor shall be marked. The marking shall comply with Clause 6 of EN50525-1.


Each welding cable H01N2-D and H01N2-E shall comply with the appropriate requirements given in EN 50525-1, and the particular requirements of this Part.

Testing shall be in accordance with Annex A.

The conductor resistance shall not exceed the relevant value given in column 6 or 7 of Table B.1 or Table B.2 as appropriate.

The thickness of the covering in one layer or the combined thickness of covering in the two layers shall comply with the specified value given in column 3 of either Table B.1 of Table B.2 as appropriate.

The dimensions of the welding cable H01N2-D and H01N2-E shall be within the limits specified in columns 4 and 5 ofeither table B.1 or Table B.2 as appropriate.

The requirements for the voltage test at 1000V on completed cables shall be in accordance with Annex C.

The requirementsfor static flexibility test on completed cables shall be in accordance with Annex D.

Samples for non-electrical test on covering in two layers shall be prepared and tested in accordance with EN50525-1.

Full testing shall be carried out on both layers, except where the resulting sample from the inner layer is below 0,8mm thickness. In this case full testing shall be carried out on the outer layer, but only hot set test shall be carried out on the inner layer.


Welding cable H01N2-D and H01N2-E are crosslinked elastomer covered arc welding cables.

The cable are of rated voltage 1007100V.

The cables are intended for connections between the welding power source and the electrode holder and the work piece.

Two pieces of cable are included, with respectively Class D and Class E conductors. These conductors are more flexible than Class 6 to EN 60228, with Class E having the greater flexibility.

The maximum conductor operating temperture for each of the cables is 85°C.